About Storm


Armed with a clear vision and an understanding of how NZ women like to dress, Deborah Caldwell launched STORM in 2005.

STORM represents a confident, contemporary woman with an inner Rock n Roll attitude.

STORM’s design mission is to make timeless styles with an iconic edge, sourcing exclusive prints and luxurious fabrics to bring those designs to life.

Collections are exclusive and pieces are rarely repeated. The longevity of our pieces, in style and quality, is STORM’s prerogative.

STORM offers iconic wardrobe staples and statement pieces that will always stand apart.


We believe… in the virtue of good quality in less quantity. We are focused on the longevity of our clothing, and adhere to this by the symbiotic process of our design and production. A STORM piece will never be out of style.

We design… timeless pieces that are not bound by temporary trends. STORM has its own classic style – we fuse tom-boy tailoring with bold yet feminine personality. Emulating a truly Rock’n’Roll attitude.

We produce… our garments using the highest quality; of materials, production methods and fit possible to ensure their longevity and only produce in limited edition runs to reduce our carbon footprint and avoid deadstock.

We work with factories who upheld to our Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct (see below) and have built trusting relationships with them over 10+ years.

Click here to view our Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@stormonline.com


Deborah Caldwell